Are electric vehicles suitable for everyday use?

80 percent of the people living in Germany travel no more than 39 kilometers per day by car. Electric vehicles can currently travel 150 to 250 kilometers – depending on the model. So even today, they can be used for the majority of trips. Nonetheless, many consumers will prefer a car, which they can occasionally use to travel longer distances as well. To go on vacation, for example. The solution are plug-in hybrids: They are emissions-free on everyday trips but if needed, they can provide the extensive range we are accustomed to. There are also already more than 5500 publicly accessible charging stations even now. And the network is being expanded steadily. Besides that, 70 percent of all German cars are parked on private lots at night anyway, where there is sufficient access to the power grid already. Also, more and more employers will install charging stations for electric vehicles in the future.