The BMWK funding programs related to electric mobility

Electric vehicles make a significant contribution to climate protection: Not only can vehicles with electric propulsion contribute significantly to the reduction of transportation sector emissions but they also improve the integration of fluctuating renewable energies into the power grids by serving as an intelligent energy storage solution. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) was quick to recognize the big potential of electric mobility in terms of environmental and climate policy. It has also recognized the need to support important German business sectors like the automotive industry in asserting their position in the global market place. 

Since 2009, the BMWK has been supporting companies and research  institutes with sophisticated R&D projects related to electric mobility. These activities continue to receive funding through the "Renewable Mobile" program, which was successfully launched within the framework of the second economic stimulus program. The research results concerning vehicle and operational concepts and combining electric vehicles with energy supply systems confirm that the BMWK was right to choose this focus. More than 2000 electric vehicles used in individual and commercial transportation made it possible to gather extensive practical experience. Nonetheless, additional development efforts will undoubtedly be necessary for Germany to become the leading market and leading provider in this area.

There is also significant potential for reducing local and global emissions by using electric propulsion systems in local public transportation. Within the framework of the national climate initiative (NKI), the BMWK therefore supports the introduction of hybrid and plug-in hybrid busses in the vehicle fleets of public transportation services.

The BMWK also participates in the Electric Mobility Showcases. Large-scale regional demonstration and pilot projects were presented in four project regions throughout Germany. The so-called showcases are proving ground and workshop at the same time. The projects and their results have made electric mobility in Germany visible for everyone. A broad accompanying research and impact research with a broad scope assure an effective knowledge transfer from the projects to the public.