How is the market potential for electric vehicles perceived, considering their comparatively limited range?

According to new research, 80% of all car trips do not exceed 20 km. Therefore, the range offered by purely electric vehicles available today โ€“ approximately 150 km โ€“ is sufficient for most trips.
Furthermore, efficient plug-in hybrid vehicles make driving longer distances possible. Nonetheless, the transition to electric mobility is a process that will not happen overhight. Aside from the range, cost is a core issue hindering customer acceptance of electric vehicles. Despite their advantages in terms of energy efficiency, e-vehicles are initially more expensive than cars with combustion engines. Therefore, several steps are intended to help establish electric mobility on our roads. Among them are research, development and optimization of electric and mechanical components, the implementation of pioneer projects related to vehicle fleets (commercial fleets and car sharing, for example) and increasing visibility and especially the opportunities to experience electric mobility in everyday life. The Electric Mobility Showcase was able to contribute significantly to this.