Electric vehicles and power from the wind and sun are ideal companions - they are mobile and emission-free.

is using energy efficiently and transforming it into pure movement.

provided the whole life-cycle is thought out.

Everyday entry-level: the right electric vehicle for every use.

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Facilitating research and development in electric mobility for the future

Four core messages – one vision

Global traffic growth is stoking conflicts over oil and impeding any effective climate policy because emissions are increasing very fast. Electrical drive systems are highly efficient – but they can only help fight climate change if they are charged renewably as well.

The vision shared by the projects being promoted here is that of the electric car as a marketable eco-innovation. After all, one thing is for sure: new technology will only be accepted by consumers if it addresses their needs and wishes. A growing number of consumers are demanding that attractive vehicles are environmentally convincing too. This is the task we are addressing so that electric mobility becomes CLEAN, ECO-FRIENDLY, ECONOMICAL and PRACTICAL.